ZapruderThe Asteroids

“We define ourselves as filmmakers, our research has led
us to consider the filmed image as a sculpture of time.”


MH Why did you decide to adopt such name knowing it immediately makes one think of the assassination of J.F.K.?

Z The passion for the literary work of J.G. Ballard led us to identify ourselves with the name of the author of the famous frames that portray the murder of J.F.K. In observing that dramatic sequence we can pass from spectator of a parade of cars, to sniper; we can identify ourselves with Jackie Kennedy or with the driver of the white Continental.
We could say that day, Zapruder ceased to be the name of a person to become a known name. What is generated is a short circuit, a monstrous incident between a Polish tailor in Texas, Ballard, Antonin Artaud and J.F.K. The reckless sum that results corresponds to the idea of chance, opportunity, appointment of man with his own destiny, which is always a bit in question in our work.

MH Is your work somehow influenced by that event?

Z More than the event, it is the nature of Mr. Zapruder’s film that has infested us and led us to think about our work starting from that excellent example of amateur film, documentary, fetish, a violation that passes through the private dimension and becomes a dream, an obsession, the human.