Work in Progress,
Paco Rabanne exhibition
Festival of Hyères

Part of the events at the 31st International Festival
0f Hyères


Since his appointment in 2013, the young French designer Julien Dossena has sparked a quiet revolution at the house of Paco Rabanne – one that has evolved our contemporary fashion dialogue whilst paying reverent homage to the man himself. Mr. Rabanne was a polymath creator, whose legacy reaches beyond prét-à-porter to encompass a rich artistic career that projected the progressive image of a liberated modern woman that still resounds decades later.
The 31st international Festival of fashion and photography of Hyères presents an initiatory journey to celebrate Paco Rabanne’s amazing career. An incredible mix of archives pieces and pieces designed by Julien Dossena whose expert touch is bringing a new effortlessness to the sculptural house codes by intertwining a delicate balance of structure and ‘ flou’.