Wolfgang Tillmannsat Galerie Buchholz

A multidisciplinary space to be discovered
29 April – 18 June, 2016


In Studio, Wolfgang Tillmans’ twelfth solo exhibition at Galerie Buchholz, he thematizes his place of production. An attempt to create a cartographical representation of what this space and its constituents mean to the artist.
“Studio” suggests a spectrum of designations form a photographic darkroom, to a social space where different practices are carried out in immediate proximity to one another. It’s the past, present and future of the artist’ history. From the very outset, Wolfgang Tillmans has been a keen observer of the studio’s role, looking closely at the space itself and the reality it creates.
Frequently the studio appears as background in his portrait photographs, but unlike in traditional photo studios, no elaborate staged backdrop or lighting equipment are ever seen. As the place where he spends the majority of his time, the studio inevitably bears the signature of the artist’s inclinations, his daily routine, and the people who surround him. It is a space in which on-going work projects develop and leave visible traces.