Where Suki sitsa conversation with Suki Waterhouse

photography by Philip Meech
written by Alexis Maida 


dress Prada, red patent boots Miu Miu, socks Prada, bracelet Suki’s own


Suki Waterhouse has been drawing the admiration of the public eye for her modeling, acting, famous friends and even more famous boyfriend, but that’s not what makes her fascinating. She is different. In a good way. She has a unique charm and nonchalance about her that comes out in her style, her choice to keeping her private life private and her sweet smile that always seems to have a wink in it. We hope to continue to see Suki in the limelight but off the beaten path for years to come.

AM You quit school at 16 to pursue modeling. What inspired this decision? SW It was a way to travel and explore the world, to have some freedom! I was actually doing my A Levels and got distracted by it.
AM Do you think you will ever return to school or study?

SW I definitely would love to at some point, maybe in a couple of years. I try to read as much as possible and listen to podcasts. I listen to howstuffworks.com. I love group exercise classes but that’s the extent of my desire at the moment!

AM You’re also interested in photography – I enjoyed your photos for I’ll be Your Mirror. Do you want to pursue this interest in depth?
SW Yes! Though it needs time and love. It’s on the backburner

AM Speaking of your exhibition, you photographed your friends Georgia May Jagger and Cara Delevingne. What brought the three of you together and what holds your friendship together?
SW We have known each other for such a long time, and it is a natural choice of subject, the people that you are closest to. They inspire me as people.

AM How about your acting career? Do you want to get into more acting?
SW Yes, definitely! I have just finished filming my first feature film, Love, Rosie. I had a little part before in a film called ‘Pusher’. It has just solidified my desire and drive for this to continue. Fingers crossed!

AM Who would you consider your muses for your career? And life?
SW Lou Doillon; she is Jane Birkin’s daughter, and she has the most incredible style, she sings, she acts and she is a mother. She is just wonderful. I have a weird obsession with her. I saw her once backstage in Paris at an Arctic Monkeys concert- I nearly fainted.

Outside the industry there are women I look up to. For example, my friend Teresa Parmey is a beauty technician. She built her business up and is in control of her own empire. Kudos.
AM How do you find your life changing as your recognition factor rises within the industry and in public?
SW More jetlag?

AM Do you find it difficult to maintain a sense of normalcy?
SW Not at all. I think that everyone is normal; it is just the power of imagery that makes people think otherwise.

AM What is your favorite decade for fashion? Where do you pull your unique style from?
SW 50s/60s. I do love 60’s stuff.

AM You have three younger siblings. – How do they feel about your career and fame? Would you want any of them to follow in your footsteps?
SW My sister is training to be an actress, and she’s absolutely won- derful- watch out!

AM Where would you like to find yourself in ten years?
SW Doing the same things, but with at least one baby on my arm.


jacket and skirt Vionnet, peplum Kirsty Ward,
earrings Kirsty Ward; bracelet Suki’s own