We Love MillennialsA project by Fendi

Where fashion meets the new arts,
culture, music and beyond


  Born from inside of FENDI and built upon the bricks of Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana – F IS FOR… is the first digital platform and immersive experiences made by millennials for millennials to share contents. Most of all experiences that are relevant for this generation and to convey the FENDI DNA in a very authentic and innovative way. The brand refers to the younger set as ‘the New Rome’ and states that all uploads on the site are “without retouches, postproduction and without any filters.” The Eternal City is far from stereotypes, it is a dynamic yet urban hub seen by the eyes of the F IS FOR… young crew and described with a new language. The events are immersive experiences, far from parties and fashion shows. The new Rome is declined around the world, becoming a never-seen-before stage for the first ever fashion music TV-show, where upcoming and renowned artist from all over the world perform B2B in a magic flow. Contents include 5 different universes, more on www.fisfor.fendi.com