• On left: Vogue Paris photographed by Colier Schorr
    On right: Suzanne Koller by Bibi Cornejo Borthwick
  • Suzanne Koller by Bibi Cornejo Borthwick
  • Self Service Magazine, photography by Collier Schorr, model Kiki Willems.



Interview Maddalena Iodice
Photography Bibi Cornejo Borthwick

“While searching for new talents I realized that I was mostly attracted by images taken by women photographers. Their approach is different, they tell a different story. When a woman photographs another woman, there is a different point of view.” SUZANNE KOLLER

 MI How is your preparation for the fashion month going?

SK I do not really prepare for the fashion month. I wish I could have the time and energy to prepare and every season I think I should, but never manage.

MI Past season fashion industry saw many changes at different
levels. I personally agreed with those who defined Spring Summer 2018 as plenty of marketing spectacles, but too little innovation… What do you expect from the upcoming one?

SK Probably as many marketing spectacles as last season, we all might get tired of it. I’m not sure we are still talking about “inspiration” and / or “information” when we are going to fashion shows. I think the audience will change.

MI Speaking of genders, when it comes to images, photo- grapher vision plays a key role in defining the notion of sexuality, beauty and age. How this “Trois femmes photographer racontent la mode” for M le Monde September 2018 issue came about?

SK Since a couple of years I’m observing a whole generation of upcoming young photographers. When I started working for M le Monde I saw the opportunity to start working with this new generation. I’m always been curious about new and upcoming talents.


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