UntetheredJoseph Szabo & Sian Davey

The exploration of the vulnerability, beauty
and ambivalence of adolescence

From 6th April to 20th May, Michael Hoppen Gallery presents two photographic series – made nearly fifty years apart – that explore the vulnerability, beauty and ambivalence of adolescence. Joe Szabo began his Teenage series when he was appointed as an art teacher at Malverne High School, Long Island in the early 1970s. Szabo’s students became his on-going subjects for the next 25 years  photographed at school, at home and at play. The resulting images are a remarkable evocation of the seventies and eighties and yet there is also something timeless and compelling about Szabo’s portrayal of the universal teenager. In contrast, Martha is an on-going collaboration between British photographer Sian Davey and her step-daughter Martha which explores their evolving relationship as well as the lives of Martha and her close friends as they journey through their later teenage years in rural Devon. The level of trust between Davey and all her subjects is reflected in the intimacy and honesty of the photographs.