Unsafe to DancePeter Puklus at
C/O Berlin

6 February – 24 April, 2016


left: Peter Puklus, Greek sculpture with blue background, 2013
right: Peter Puklus, Monument (Blue), 2013






A constant explorer of our visual cosmos, Peter Puklus charts and questions both the outer galaxy and his inner universe. He playfully moves between the dimensions, in order to better understand the hidden essence of the world in a more profound way. He often begins with seemingly insignificant objects and everyday situations, which transcend their proper function through the process of visualization, hence taking on a new meaning.
Puklus rearranges these objects, placing them in relationship to one another and creating personal associations between them. His photographic series are studies, sketchbooks, and journeys of realization all at once, that expand the photographic space. They follow their very own rhythm and pattern—free of any convention, chronology, or logical sequence.