Unexpected Details"Pleasing" the Ultimate Exhibition by Laura Coulson

The sensitivity of Laura Coulson throught her lens

WEBBER GALLERY presents an exhibition by Laura Jane Coulson called Pleasing.

Laura Coulson‘s lens has long been drawn to unexpected details.
Travelling the world for work, the Devon-born, London-based photographer captures serendipitous scenes that occour just for her.
She is compelled to take offhand snapshots: of strangers in street-a row of carefully coiffed heads from behind, for example, or backs pressed unthinkingly against steamy beauty salon windows; of inanimate objects left discarded, then rediscovered; or of strange patterns of light and surface that might otherwise have gone entirely unseen.
Faced with a sight like this, she photographs it intuitively.

“Usually for no reason other than that I found in pleasing.” – Laura Coulson

There is an innate sensitivity to Coulson‘s curiosities, they are almost always anonymous caught in transit. Small detail is seized on, while its host remains faceless – from the vivid contents of a discarded plastic bag to the glimmer of sunlight reflected on water. The result is a series of tender observations compiled over the course of five years – a timestamp in the evolution of her ideas.
Now a collection of these images comprises the aptly named Pleasing, a photo-book by Coulson, and the latest edition in Paris-based publisher Librarymann‘s ongoing Season Series.WEBBER GALLERY Laura Coulson’s Exhibition “Pleasing”
29th March – 28th April 2019
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