Tomás SaracenoNew Frontiers Art

Berlin, May 23rd, 2017
Interview by Lucy McRae


Aerocene, launches at White Sands (NM, United States), 2015


The meeting of two visionary minds. The fascinating intersection between art, science and human nature. Sci-Fi artist and body architect Lucy McRae exclusively interviews contemporary Argentinian artist Tomás Saraceno leading us through an immersive exploration of his work, and how he is developing sustainable ways of inhabiting and sensing the environment.
LM In a parallel universe what is your doppelgänger doing?
TS Maybe my doppelgänger is a spider, living in the corner of the room. Thinking like this really moves our attention to other species already living… I think in some way each of us is living in a parallel universe.
LM Your past sailing partner and compelling author Juan Enriquez writes about “evolution driven by human intent” and “the consequences of zapping the brain with light to trigger pleasure or erase memory”. Where do you sit within all that? Where should we be putting our energy?
TS I believe we should refocus and rethink about our relationship with energy, starting by reflecting on our relationship with Earth. The energy I am thinking about is the energy that we, of human species, need from the sun.


  To read the full interview download MUSE 47 available from September 7th, 2017