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Tokyo Youth

Portrait Travel Japan

Photography Chikashi Suzuki,
Fashion Masataka Hattori,
Interview Maddalena Iodice


“It wouldn’t be a secret if I share this information but… in Sendagaya an area within Shibuya there is a really nice quiet little cafe/select shop with a wonderful terrace called Captain Helm.”

Japanese heritage has always had a major impact on Western imagination. Constantly evolving, Japan stands out for its contradictions and fascinating contrasts. It is a powerful melting pot of ancient rituals and pioneering trends. A pulsating organism where hectic urban vibe meets temples and quiet natural landscapes. A new generation of young talented personalities is now redefining contemporary culture from fashion to music and cinema. We met the singer’s twin duo Amiaya, the actresses Guama and Sakura Ando and the model Hikari Mori who revealed a bit of themselves and their secrets about Japan while taking us around Roppongi neighbourhood in Tokyo.


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