To be HumanNew Photography 2018

Seventeen selected photographers focus on
the contemporary existence and human experience.


The Moma presents Being: New Photography 2018, an exhibition that shows the works of seventeen selected photographers in the recent and archival photography. Since its inception in 1985 the New Photography series has been a vital component of the museum’s contemporary program. The works included in the exhibition are focus on the contemporary existence and human experience. Some works could be considered a figurative representations of the corporeity, while others will not include the image of the body. Photography has always been a way of capturing an exact likeness of a person and the artists present in Being disrupts this story in their consideration of the photographic ramifications and representations of the person in our contemporaneity. Referring to the personal, some works evoke introspection feelings or intimacy, while others investigate about the social relationships or community concepts, in this way they put the subject of humanity and being like the final aim of their artistic projects. The exhibited works lead us to a different artistic views of experiences and circumstances. The exhibition will be open until August 19th.