This is PresenceThe Institute for New Feeling

Developing new ways of feeling
and ways of feeling differently

Ballroom Marfa presents This is Presence. The artist collective the Institute for New Feeling (IfNf) presents newly-commissioned work, including the video nominated by Ballroom Marfa on the occasion of 2016 season of Artists’ Film International (AFI). AFI is an international collaboration organized by Whitechapel Gallery in London, that supports and showcases emerging artists experimenting with different media like video and animation. As an artist collective, IfNf works with the aim of developing new ways of feeling as well as new ways of feeling differently. Using a multidisciplinary approach they borrow from different fields such as the language of corporate branding, new age healing, and traditional medicine, injecting the mystical and uncanny into commercial interfaces. This is Presence (2016), the first of IfNf’s two commissions, replicates the endless sequence of actions of web users as they search for answers on the Internet.

 In addition to the film screening, Ballroom has also supported the production of a virtual reality experience, realized by the Institute in collaboration with 3D animator and programmer Gary Tyler. A project that transports users into an infinite warehouse that features an assortment of products for sale and introduces to a surreal, futuristic shopping experience that is both a commercial trap and an escapist fantasy. This journey through feelings and perception is enriched by Arturo Bandini’ two shows-within-the-show, Sim City and Grey Goo Gardens, which features works from sixteen artists, who play with and off of the exhibition’s technolog- ical themes.