• MSGM Collection FW18 on Muse Issue 50
  • Massimo Giorgetti portrait by Maurits Sillem
  • MSGM Collection FW18 on Muse Issue 50

Love letter

A conversation with Massimo Giorgetti

Photography Maurits Sillem
Fashion Stephanie Kherlakian


My creative process is a bit crazy. Sometimes it is triggered by a song, sometimes by a film or the image of a book […] I like youth. But it’s not solely a question of aesthetics, because it captures a unique purity. MSGM is young. Youth is my muse.

FC The MSGM FW18 Collection has been de ned as a love let- ter to Milan, a portrait of a fast-changing city that keeps an eye on the future without losing its connection with the past. What was your first creative input when creating this Milanese Manifesto?
MG I’ll be completely honest, my first creative input was seeing the scarves by Maurizio Cattelan. I wanted to do something similar. The Campari print by Munari was another key element, but since I didn’t get permission from the Munari family to use it, I worked on other concepts until the idea of the bars came about.
I wanted cool places that represented the pleasure of spending time with people and joie de vivre: Bar Basso, Cucchi, Jamaica and Pravda. In their own way, they each represent a different way of life, underground, bourgeois…
FC Glossy black, Campari red and lime yellow. What influenced your decisions in terms of colour?
MG The city, whose colours I interpreted through prints representing its architectures…It was interesting because classic prints such as the Velasca Tower didn’t sell but the new one printed with 2018 Milano Boom was a success!


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