THE STORY COMES FROM INSIDEDior SS19 choreographed by Sharon Eyal

The beauty of the body in relationship
with space, time and nature.


“The experience of dance, its most intimate truth, the fact that it is a mean of universal expression, and the radicality of the gestures of contemporary dance have all stimulated my imagination,” says Maria Grazia Chiuri, who has created a collection that reveals its essence in lightness and extreme suppleness.

The theatrical darkness within was the setting for a conceptual dance piece choreographed by Sharon Eyal. Bodysuits, tanks and light jumpsuits form a choreography of clothing in an infinity of nude shades, a multitude of variations, corresponding to the body’s movements. The dresses were as ethereal as a layer of tulle, while the corset has been replaced by a simple tank. The choreography of the bodies, and the bond that unites them, echoing the movement of the stars in the celestial vault, evokes the energy of the universe from which dance draws its expressions. Energy that lies simultaneously in the control and the liberation of the body. Energy that is both rigorous discipline and extreme freedom. The energy that produced this collection like a sophisticated and stylish piece of choreography, and a powerful explosion of the female imagination.