The prevailing cultureDavid Wojnarowicz

He saw the outsider as
his true subject.

  Opening at the Whitney Museum on July 13 and running through September 30, it will be presented the exhibition David Wojnarowicz: History Keeps Me Awake at Night.
The artist, also writer and activist, represents one of the most essential voices of his generation: the exhibition features more than a hundred works by him and is organized by two curators, David Breslin and David Kiehl. Wojnarowicz saw the outsider as his true subject. Queer and HIV-positive, he was an impassioned advocate for people with AIDS as an inconceivable number of friends, lovers, and strangers—disproportionately gay men—died from government inaction. However, Wojnarowicz’s work is too frequently treated as a footnote to a desperate period of American history, that of the AIDS crisis and culture wars. His true place is among the raging and haunting iconoclastic artists who have explored American myths, their perpetuation, their repercussions, and their violence.