The Open RoadPhotography and the American Road Trip

An American Journey,
On view until 11 September, 2016

Detroit Institute of Arts presents The Open Road an exhibition that features more than 70 photographs starting with Robert Frank’s groundbreaking photographs from his 1955 book The Americans. In addition to Frank, other photographers purposely embarked on road trips to create a body of work, such as Ed Ruscha, whose trips between Los Angeles and Oklahoma formed the basis of his Twentysix Gasoline Stations photographs. Others have continued the tradition to the present day, including Stephen Shore, Taiyo Onorato, Nico Krebs and Ryan McGinley, whose works are also part of the retrospective. According to Salvador Salort-Pons, DIA director, road trips have long been a lure for Americans seeking new adventures and discoveries, a deeper look into American history and a sense of freedom and possibilities that the open road brings.