The Genius of ChanelIn Goude We Trust!

“I have always danced, I have always drawn,
all my work comes from there.”

  “Coco Chanel’s personality is so present in my unconscious mind that I feel she’s always there and that I am working for her spirit. That’s why she so often appears in my pictures, it seems natural for me.”   – Jean-Paul Goude

This is how renown French image-maker speaks about the intense relationship he is pursuing with the Maison by 30 years. In Goude We Trust!” exhibition on view at Palazzo Giureconsulti explores their masterpieces in three different sections ranging from drawing to performance. The first one is dedicated to Goude’s Chanel works as Égoïste (1990) and Coco (1992) films, Chance saga which began in 2002 and a live dance performance interpreting Fire installation presented for brand’s high jewelry collection. The heart of the artist’s imaginary comes with the second part showcasing his emblematic artworks and different expression forms. Film and images join the luminous allegories exposed in Paris 2017 and it displays for the very first time Notre Dame de Saint-Mandé and the little people installationFinally, presented in a mini-theatre, a film entitled  Far so Goude closes the exhibition and collects his career relevant moments since the beginning. From a childhood in France to Grace Jones’s relationship, whose beauty became a cult. From Vanessa Paradis, who was only eighteen when she was chosen in 1992 to appear in the COCO fragrance campaign, to the many allegorical images the artist produced during the years. Chanel pays homage to his incredible genius framing their superb visions in a unique experience. 

In Goude We Trust!
Palazzo Giureconsulti, Milan
Until December 31st, 2019