The copy is originalCattelan for Gucci

“The artist is present” project in Shanghai will talk about how
the originality is overvalued.


Film directed by Yuri Ancarani


The new Maurizio Cattelan’s projects is a dream story. Cattelan is going around in Shangai, the metropolis of the copy, looking for inspiration. The artist is present will be presented on 10th October in Shangai and it will talk about the complex relationship between representation and presentation. The exhibition, promoted by Gucci and Alessandro Michele, focuses on the works of different artists who take the simulation as the symbol of global culture. The project will be a physical immersion in the reign of imitation, where the values originality and expression are completely destroyed.

In the video directed by Yuri Ancarani, Maurizio Cattelan features in a sequence of images filmed in the city where the artist curates a new exhibit with Gucci later this year. Rooted in this permanent visual deluge.