The BogeyPrada The Postman’s Gifts

A series of short movies directed by acclaimed
American filmmaker Autumn de Wilde

Cinematic auteurs are trademarked by their own personal obsessions, pulling viewers into meticulously crafted worlds that speak of their creator’s deepest wishes and desires. Prada introduces The Postman’s Gifts, a series of short movies directed by well-known American filmmaker Autumn de Wilde, divided into two main stories, The Postman Dreams 2 starring the iconic Prada Galleria bag, and The Postman’s Gifts featuring the accessories collection. De Wilde devises her own imaginary vistas and mise en scène, inspired not just by her own obsessions but those of others.

Desire, pleasure, eventual satisfaction – these are the underlying themes of these non-sequential, fabulist chapters – divided into four main stories. Humorous and whimsical, with a touch of daydream and moments of pure surreal wit, each film presents itself as a self-contained fragment, like acts in a play hinting at a larger narrative, but nevertheless their own entity. The Bogey, starring Elijah Wood Emma Roberts and George Butler immediately plunges the viewer into filmmaker Autumn de Wilde’s visually arresting universe.