Discover Alessandro Michele and Maurizio Cattelan new Manifesto of ideas
and explore the relation between imagination and reality.


The Artist is Present Art Wall.
Courtesy of Gucci

  The history of a dream. Imagine a world populated by masters paintings, floral carpets, tiny dragons and mysterious creatures…This is Alessandro Michele’s dream and experimental vision, this time, characterised by artist Maurizio Cattelan presence.
On October 10th at Museo Yuz, Shangai, an exhibition-project curated by Cattelan and promoted by Gucci starts. This is The Artist is Present. An act of appropiation.
Entailing the participation of international artists showing both their site specific and pre-existent artworks, the exhibition explores how the act of copying may be considered a noble act of creation. Through repetition, originality can be reached as well as originals can be preserved thorough its copies collection.