The Art of AcingASMR x Gucci

For the second chapter of Gucci 24 Hour Ace
the House sneakers feature in ASMR videos.


 First launched in 2016, the digital project returns with a series of films that bring the sneaker design to life.
Working with key ASMR techniques—the subjective sensorial experience of low-grade euphoria achieved through combining sounds and imagery, the talented artists unveil their creative process in a series of images and videos that uncover how their videos took shape.
All videos feature the Ace sneaker: part of the Beloved collections, the pieces enamored by Alessandro Michele and those who wear them. The retro-looking low-top changes its look courtesy of patches featuring animals and pop designs, embroideries, fabrics, studs and prints mixed with the House Web stripe. The Instagram-based project dubbed “24HourAce” transports the iconic sneaker into digital landscapes, accompanied by surreal ASMR soundtracks. Some of the most prominent 3D artists, animators and directors transposed the house aesthetic code’s into their own taste, using the sneakers as a blank canvas on which express themselves. Motion graphics designer Esteban Diacono played with 3D volumes and exaggerated shapes, Hong Kong-based 3D animator Daniel used hypnotic visuals to serve a throwback to the ’80s animation. American artist Aleia adopted a more surrealistic approach, recreating tiny home scenes invaded by green slime.

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