Surf Punk TravelersMarcelo Burlon
County of Milan ss18

The sense of belonging that crosses cultural borders.
Dressing as an act of instinctive mash-up.

  Surf and punk travelers, explorers of antithetic iconographies, building their own appearance as they collect bits, assembling fragments into new wholes as they go along. This is the Marcelo Burlon County of Milan ss 18 where editing cultures is their way to be. Flags, owers, functionality. Pragmatic proportions. Clarity. Straightforwardness. Graphic blocks, gradients and stripes provide a bold geometric allure: parkas, boxy shirts, zip-up jackets, bermudas, trackpants. Colour palette from red, orange, yellow, slashed with black. Fabric Nylon, canvas, washed gabardine, cotton. Dressing as seen as an act of instinctive mash-up.