Between fashion and art.
A journey through color and movement.

Issey Miyake presents the third series of the Ikko Tanaka Issey Miyake collection: a project arise in 2016 like an expression of the respect from Issey Miyake to Tanaka. The creations explore and show the works of the artist, renown graphic designer who has combined the modern western design with a journey back in the traditional world of the Japanese aesthetic senses.
In this series the creative work and color lead us to the creation of vibrant and three-dimensional items. Following the creative inspiration of this great artist, three of his series were selected: GRADATION, WORK and ROPE. The first series “Gradation Series (letters and characters) 1972” include the hiragana symbol or a letter of the alphabet as a subject; the second “Work: Q Series 1972” shows us the theme of the letter Q and its transformation into the movement in different forms in each of his numbered work.
In the third series “Rope Series 1974-1979” the subject is the icon of the rope, which is recurrent in his creations and showing the Japanese technique of the knots. Creations that take us into the concept of the fluid movement in which simple design and the elegance of the fabric enhance the bodies and its lines. The collection is composed of graphics and selected materials that show how the artist is always striving for the continuous search for new values. Between pleated dresses and sporty coats the artist takes us to his vibrant art world made of strength and humor that becomes the expressive key of her thought.