Strength and DelicacyA serene simplicity

GIADA SS20: when movement
equals grace.

  GIADA SS20 Collection expresses its strength in a very delicate gesture. The silhouette is elongated and close to the body, opening up from the top to the bottom. Splices and torsions give movement to the jackets, while tops liquefy on one side, flowing asymmetrically. The idea of the dense brushstroke is either translated into pleating or knit ribbing on tubular tunics or condensed into handmade lines drawn over long dresses. The sense of movement is highlighted by a geometry of moulding and different layering in a color amalgamation. As ever for Giada, color is one with texture: a harmony of cashmeres, wool/silk double, georgette, metallic silk, nappa leather. High definition cuts enhance the sharp precision of the contours.