Staple piecesNomadic Margiela

The nomadic idea is conveyed in abundant
layering where garments interweave.

  The Maison Margiela Artisanal women’s show for Autumn – Winter 2018 dramatically unveils the early stages of a new bold visual identity for its retail presence. The set architecture is designed by acclaimed Dutch architect Studio Anne Holtrop in collaboration with creative director John Galliano. The project heralds a dynamic and significant brand development for Maison Margiela and it serves as a precursor for the redesign of flagship stores in late 2018.
Nomadic glamour is expressed through cuts, volumes and layers. Through a transformative process, Maison Margiela’s established deconstruction technique of décortiqué is taken a step further, effectively cutting the image of one garment into another. In this transition, staple pieces also transform in purpose: skirts become jackets or sleeves turn into scarves, drawing on the notion of appropriating the inappropriate.
Conceived in the contrasting meeting between nomadic dress and state of the art of technology, a retro-futuristic palette is expressed in techno sorbet colours, reflected in the familiarity of the metallic pastels of vintage cars.  Tech body clips in plastic are designed to hold electronic devices, which live-stream close-ups of the look at which they are directed in real time during the show.