• on left: playsuit Courrèges, body Falke, vintage Maison Margiela earrings de Laurentis Paris
    on right: sweatshirt Fila, leggings Koché, scrunchie Alexandre de Paris
  • on left: hoodie Fila, skirt Repetto
    on right: sweatshirt Fila, leggings Koché
    Throughout the story: earrings passage archive Paris and tights Falke
  • on left: body Zimmermann
    on right: dress and shorts Dior

Spread Eagles

Patinoire des Courtilles

M Let’s start from presentations:
EC My name is Eve Cornet and I’m 19. I’ve trained in the Olympic Club of Courbevoie, in Paris suburbs, for 15 years as a competitor.
CP Hi, my name is Cassandra Perotin and I’m 17. I am a last year student at scientific high school and I have been doing ice-skating since the age of 7.
SB My name is Sarah Bramms, I’m 17, I started ice-skating when I was 6 years old.
M What was your first approach to ice-skating and how it developed?
EC I was two years and a half the first time I went to an ice rink. It was during a family holiday. I don’t remember much about it, but my mother told me she felt like she had to enroll me in an ice skating club. Thus, I joined the Olympic Club of Courbevoie when I turned three.


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