Sound and VisionsHarmony Korine

His love for packaging and Blockbuster video store and
his unconventional style.

Interview Bill Powers
Photography Piotr Niepsuj


 Harmony Korine by Piotr Niepsuj.


Almost fteen years ago, I bought the inventory from this Blockbuster video store that went out of business in Alabama. Then I bought some more until I had like ten thousand or fteen thousand VHS tapes. I brought it all to my studio in Nashville. I loved how the art looked on the cassettes, the packaging. I started painting on them and assembling them into grids.

BP I watched your new movie The Beach Bum the other night. Do you think we sometimes mistake decadence for actual freedom?
HK Can you be broke and decadent?
BP I think so because it’s more of a mindset. Like when Moondog watches his sailboat full of cash explode, he doesn’t seem phased by it.
HK It also has to do with extreme joy. Moondog has that line in the film where he imagines the world is conspiring to make him happy.
It’s a type of reverse paranoia. I feel like that’s an interesting archetype: a manic enjoyer. If anything his character is a sensualist. If one joint is good then why not smoke twenty?
BP His character reminded me of Rene Ricard in that any money Rene had he would spend immediately.
HK Rene is definitely analogue to Moondog in that money exists as a tool that facilitates their freedom. They are poets of life.



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