So far So Goudeat PAC, Milan

The unmistakable “auteur d’images”
16 April – 19 June, 2016


Tod’s is paying homage to the remarkable body of work of Jean-Paul Goude with the exhibition So Far So Goude at Milan’s Padiglione di Arte Contemporanea. Artist, photographer, film director and dream merchant, Goude defines himself as an “artisan”, always looking for perfection and quality in his artworks.
His iconographic production became a symbol of an entire epoch, as the way of depicting his muses was unique and timeless. The images displayed show his ground-breaking vision that turned his advertising campaigns into examples of style, whatever the product or event they are promoting. Goude’s language is so powerful that bring us into a marvellous, magical dimension with a sense of mystery that portraits effectively a visual metaphor of the modern era. Tod’s recognizes its brand philosophy in Goude’s strong focus on detail and quality, features which have always been essentials for the group heritage.