Simon DennyNew Frontiers Art

Berlin, June 5th, 2017
Interview by Francesco Tenaglia

Simon Denny: The Personal Effects of Kim Dotcom, Adam Art Gallery, Wellington, 2014


FT How did you become interested in art making?
SD I was attracted to art as a teenager in high school because it seemed to be a context where complex, diffcult and important cultural questions were framed in tangible but somehow poetic ways. I was interested in music, design, architecture, politics, economics—and the history of conceptual art kind of revealed itself to be a place where all of those things came together. I’m not sure if there was really a particular moment or work, it was more a gradual thing that happened through art education— first at high school, then university in Auckland, then Frankfurt at the Städelschule. A charismatic teacher, a book, an exhibition, a new friend. These were the things that made and continue to reveal what the field can be, and keep it exciting.
FT Your work refers to narrations coming from media and tech entrepreneurial cultures: what interests you in a company or a specific environment?
SD It’s often pretty clear when something is going to have a longer lasting impact—like Bitcoin, or rethinking surveillance, or the growth of Start-Up focuses in governmental policy and city planning to give a couple of examples. Within those core topics I try to focus on examples, figures or events that have a larger resonance, and can introduce bigger issues that relate to the whole field or wider political and cultural space.


To read the full interview download MUSE 47 available from September 7th, 2017