ROME AND 1970S GLORYFendi's homage to his legacy

A tribute to Rome and Karl Lagerfeld
from the Palatine Hill.

Up on the Palatine Hill where Rome’s first stone was laid by Romulus, where a cradle of antiquity rises up above the city, Fendi paid an omage to its birthplace and the late Creative Director Karl Lagerfeld. The roots of Romanity run deep in the legacy of the Maison, so much that after the renovation of  the Trevi Fountain now has come to the rescue of another icon of Rome, the Temple of Venus.

To celebrate the Capital in its ageless glory, the collection unfolds in a symphony of shifting impressions. On one hand, the rigor and tessellation of classical architecture. On the other, nature’s own systems: its roots, filaments, structures and stratum. The collection explores the metamorphic splendour of marble – its essence as one of nature’s imperfect wonders threaded with crystalline veins and otherworldly colours. Hand-picked by Silvia Venturini Fendi, archive sketches by Karl Lagerfeld inform elements of the collection’s silhouette – defining the sweeping lines of tailoring, the ample drape of empress dresses, tucked shoulders and a graphic décolleté. In coats of extraordinary lightness, basket and floral motifs create repeating oculi in lattice leatherwork and waves of marble-painted mink, whilst meticulous artistry evolves the iconic Astuccio stripe as a fringed shearling or delicate tulle suspension. Weaving techniques return upon opulent fur baguettes, transparent sandals and boots, whereas framed minaudières reflect the grandeur of the opus sectile on an intimate, human scale.