RomanticismTom Ford's Vision

Clothes that are not ironic or
ingenious but simply beautiful.


“I always start each collection as a reaction to the previous season and last season I went back to what I feel I’m doing best, namely making clothes that are chic, desirable, modern, wearable. Clothes that are not ironic or ingenious but simply beautiful. Clothes that improve the life of the wearer and make them feel more attractive and safe. This collection is a continuation of that spirit.
The chaos and negative climate of the times we live in made me want clothes that were delicate, not aggressive and with a certain simplicity. That outer simplicity, however, is created in a very laborious way with silk lined and covered garments; a lot of manual work has been done to create a seemingly simple form and in many cases what is hidden behind their design is the true luxury of the garments.”  Tom Ford

This is the Tom Ford Fall Winter 2019 Collection.
While last season was decidedly feminine, this season is more tied to tailoring and a certain youthful spirit. In terms of mood there is a languid sensuality and romance for this collection, but also a certain vain quality for the cut, for the colours of the trousers and for the tailored shapes. Hats are an accessory I rarely respond to, but this season the focus is on the romance of faux fur linings with wide hems for women and an elegant knitted cashmere cap for men.
This season has a direct relationship in both the colours and style of the men’s and women’s line as man-inspired pieces are important in the women’s collection and the softness of the colour and cut are often relevant in the men’s collection. Both collections are united by colour, mood and a certain romanticism. These are the clothes to feel safe with.