The Mission: looking for
a better planet.


Traditional farming techniques on the Andean Altiplano.

  In 2019, Rolex launched the initiative Perpetual Planet, reinforcing its collaboration with the National Geographic Society. The project supports the exploration and the preservation of the planet, through a series of innovative expeditions looking for crucial solutions to the impact of climate change on the most hostile environments of the globe. Rolex also promotes the initiative Mission Blue by Sylvia Earle, pioneer of oceanic exploration and long-standing Rolex Testimonee. Her purpose is to encourage the local governments and communities to protect the oceanic ecological system, by creating marine protected areas – that she named Hope Spots. Perpetual Planet’s many activities also include the Rolex Awards for Enterprise, assigned since 1976 every two years, and which provide financial support to 140 innovative thinkers whose projects focus on a sustainable will make the world a better place. Through this program, Rolex contributes to the safeguard of 23 endangered species and to preserve 17 ecosystems critical for biodiversity and local communities.