• coat Toga
  • full look Chanel
  • on left: dress Sacai, shoes Jimmy Choo
    on right: blouse and trousers Issey Miyake, shoes Jimmy Choo

Rinko Kikuchi

Portrait Travel Japan

Photography Motohiko Hasui,
Fashion Koji Oyamada,
Interview Tatsuya Yamaguchi


“The place I love the most is where my family is. It’s not about the location, but the atmosphere that my family creates. That is where I belong to and I am happy to return to.”

TY Hi Rinko, it is such a pleasure having the chance to talk with TY you on the occasion of this MUSE travel dedicated to Japan. I know you are traveling a lot… What are you currently working on?
RK I have just finished filming a drama series in LA and come back to Japan. I’m getting ready for my next film project. While I was staying in LA, the weather was so hot I couldn’t believe it was October.
But coming back to Japan, I was surprised it was already fall. My summer was a little bit longer this year. We can still enjoy the taste of autumn in Japan, I’m happy to be here now.
TY Where did you grow up in Japan? I would love to learn more about your roots.


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