Rick OwensSubhuman Inhuman Superhuman

The visionary Owens’s creativity
at the Triennale di Milano

  “The clothes I make are my autobiography. They are the calm elegance I want to get to and the damage I’ve done on the way. They are an expression of tenderness and raging ego. They are an adolescent idealization and its inevitable defeat.” – Rick Owens

The Triennale di Milano presents an exhibition dedicated to visionary designer Rick Owens. The retrospective focuses on a selection of more than 100 garments, objects, accessories, furniture and runway videos displayed and connected through a spectacular site-specific installation created by the designer for the occasion. Subhuman Inhuman Superhuman, curated by Eleonora Fiorani, tells about two decades of Owens’s endless creativity. The exhibition will be open until March 25th.