Rhizomatic ScoresGucci Women's Collection
Fall Winter 2016, Milan

Taste for hybridisation and unexpected composition
#MFW #GucciGhost

Thinking has to generate a movement able to proliferate in different directions. Rhizomatic thought has neither centre, nor orientation. It develops disorderly. It feeds on connections, creating multiplicity through a constant change of expansion zones. Rhizome, in fact, proceeds by variation, dilatation, conquest and capture. It feeds on nomadic interaction between different elements. This thought shapes GUCCI Women’s Autumn Winter 2016 2017 collection. Each dress portrays very different sign systems following multiform and nonhierarchical directions. The collection proceeds by accumulation of signs which are decontextualized, connected and reactivated beyond shared conventions.What prevails is a taste for hybridisation, for unseen and unexpected composition, for the vertigo originating from overcoming the principle of non-contradiction. Alessandro Michele knows how to amaze and inspire, this time thanks to the special collaboration with the newyorkese artist GucciGhost.



To inflame change, thinking has to be “rhizomatic”.
(G. Deleuze, F. Guattari)