RenderingsJan Kempenaers

When photography meets contemporary ruins
and socialist monuments

SG I would start from the title and from the publishing house. How does the title add a key of interpretation to this project? Roma is a very well known publisher and we can say it’s one of the most important in the independent field. How does the publisher interact in the process of making a book?
JK The main interest in the developing of this project was to work on contemporary ruins. I got interested in the landscape and in some socialist monuments. In some cases I took photographs of the areas were monuments have been destroyed, and in some other cases I added some archival material.
Most of the work deals with my PhD studies in abstract photography. In the process of editing the images, I work by myself. Then, in the making of the book I work a lot with the publisher and the graphic designer, they are actually the same person in this case. I never work as a documentary photographer, all these photographs are about the atmosphere and I’m much more interested in that, I like the mystery hidden behind each image. I think that if it was just a documentary project where I just had to shoot the monuments, I wouldn’t have been interested at all.


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