Relational Art'Elsewhen' by Philippe Parreno

The biotechnological installation at Espace Louis Vuitton Venice.


Philippe Parreno ‘Elsewhen’ 2019 at The biotechnological installation at Espace Louis Vuitton Venice.


Coinciding with the 58. International Art Exhibition in Venice Louis Vuitton inaugurates ‘Elsewhen’, the latest work by French artist Philippe Parreno at the Espace Louis Vuitton Venice.

In his work Parreno uses living microorganisms housed in a bioreactor, conceived and developed by the scientists Jean-Baptiste Boulè and Nicolas Desprat. His artistic poetics are the presentation of an experiment that records the reactions of microorganisms in the environment. The microorganisms will react to the contact with the public and the informations presented in the atmosphere.
For this occasion the walls are covered with phosphorescent yellow wallpaper with a black irises pattern and a luminous ‘marquee’, suspended over a reflecting mechanical shutter. These interdependent elements are activated by a hybrid experimental program that records the reactions of microorganisms to the movement of visitors and it activates the installation at irregular intervals.

The movement of the shutter creates magical light effects which reflect shadows and transform the atmosphere from dark green to black in a optical way. Moving away from their initial function, these elements assume an equivocal identity, transporting a vital momentum into space and generating a unique interaction between the viewer and the context.

Parreno, once again, creates an experience where the memory of the past intertwines in a disruptive temporality. The usual perceptual canons are questioned in favour of new processes of understanding, challenging rationality and pre-established order.

‘Elsewhen’ by Philippe Parreno
at Espace Louis Vuitton Venice
from 11.05.2019 to 24.11.2019