Raphael HeftiNew Frontiers Art

Zurich, May 23rd, 2017
Interview by Kathleen Hefty

From the series Lycopodium, 2016.
Sensory Space, Boijmans Museum, Rotterdam, 2017


Listening to Swiss artist Raphael Hefti describe his upcoming installation at the Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen in Rotterdam, I am struck by the calm with which he explains the complexities of the project. Just a month out from the opening, the sculptural work is still in the pre-production phase, which in and of itself seems daunting. The piece requires a team of experts and a series of aqueductesque structures to transport 2,000 liters of liquid aluminum into the hallowed exhibition space of one of Holland’s most prestigious art collections. Hefti is no stranger to ambitious scientific and engineering feats, however. His own path to this museum exhibition involves accidentally exploding a car (and a subsequent “No-Fly” list attached to his name), intentionally setting fire to spores over photographic archival paper, and negotiating special access to industrial ovens in order to slip in a sculpture or two. Many have referred to Hefti as an alchemist, a label he doesn’t necessarily embrace to discuss his practice.


To read the full interview download MUSE 47 available from September 7th, 2017