Questioning PicturesFondazione Prada

A new exhibition project by Stefano Graziani that explores
photography as a tool for narration and reinterpretation


View of the exhibition “Questioning Pictures: Stefano Graziani” courtesy of Fondazione Prada


  Fondazione Prada presents “Questioning Pictures” a new exhibition project by Stefano Graziani, at the Osservatorio in Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, Milan. Curated by Francesco Zanot, the exhibition will be open until the 26 of February 2018 and it includes a new body of works commissioned by Fondazione Prada, that explores photography as a tool for narration, cataloguing and reinterpretation in a sort of semantic combination between the photographs and the objects. Graziani’s work documents different materials like drawings and architectural models, books, photographs and paintings; he also embarks on an interpretative path through the careful use of light and camera angles, as well as the inclusion of disturbing elements in his shots. His photographs not only shed light on museum collections and archives usually denied to visitors, but reactivate them according to entirely subjective logic and perspectives. The result is an heterogeneous collection of objects and artworks transformed in a disorienting an unexpected still lifes.