PurposeAnna Conway at
Collezione Maramotti

Reggio Emilia,
6 March- 31 July, 2016


Anna Conway, Potential, 2015



Collezione Maramotti presents the first exhibition in Europe of the American painter Anna Conway. The artist approach to representation, which is precise, methodical, intuitive and analytical, not only involves a depiction of scenes that interweave close observation and pure imagination. She is also involved in a representation process that pays attention to a picture whuch is in relation to where we are, at what point in time, who inhabits the space, and what may be going on in his or her mind.
As a short story writer, or a screenwriter, her stories take visual form, and even when a scene is fantastic, beyond the limits of the everyday, for her it must appear true. She creates figures inspired by individuals she has encountered over the course of her life, from childhood to her own motherhood. From individual to universal, the artist examines the possibility of representing the world and our place in it, our passage through life. The five works brought together under the exhibition’s title, Purpose, suggest that for Conway both painting and life need to be imbued with intention and with mystery, and shows art as the way to decode present.

Anna Conway, It’s not going to happen like that, 2013