Purity and ExtravaganceValentino’s art of reduction

A research on subtracting to
allow focus on shapes and volumes.

  As part of the broader and more constant interest of Pierpaolo Piccioli, the reduction brings the gaze from the dress itself to the personality that animates it, from the object to the individual.
Grisaille is an artistic technique that consists of creating an entire painting, a stained glass window or a drawing, in shades of gray and white. It is an exercise of maximum concentration:
by subtracting colors, shapes and volumes become the protagonists.

The Grisaille technique is a metaphor that describes a new research on the spirit of Couture, which is the true essence of Valentino. Universal pieces like the white shirt, the shirt-dress, the dress, the pencil skirt, the bermuda shorts are reduced to the essence and interpreted with the richness of Couture, in cotton poplin. The ordinary becomes extraordinary. As the permutations follow one another and alternate like shadows and shades that multiply on grisaille, touched by the magnificently crafted jewels, shoes and accessories, where the color subtly insinuates itself. Wherever there is color is compact and fluorescent, immaterial because made of silk georgette, to let the body become a structure. Subtraction retains the frenzy and richness of an entire universe of aesthetic references, just as the non-white color is ultimately a sum of every color in the spectrum.

The bold prints resemble the pictorial urgency of the Fauves, made of colors that scream for dynamism. Stealing is a process of discovery and self-discovery. As the individual conforms, the personality stands out.