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Belvedere is an ongoing project
Photography Catherine Hyland

Taking its name from the Italian for “beautiful view”, Belvedere is an ongoing project that seeks to draw attention to the historical and cultural concepts of landscape deeply embedded in the development of contemporary leisure sites. Starting from the premise that constructed environments have become some of the modern world’s most elaborate tools for capturing and capitalizing upon the tourist gaze, Belvedere documents a small portion of these landscapes, the infrastructure surrounding them and the people working within them. Travel is often imagined not only as a time for relaxation and reverie but also as an opportunity to seek out new formative experiences. Whether it is sites of historical importance or natural splendor that are visited—the Eiffel Tower, the Grand Canyon, the Devon coast or the Itsukushima Shrine—each is approached with a heightened awareness of its significance as a place of beauty and grandeur.


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