Prada’s ClassicismStyle over Fashion

A collection that tells the power
that women exercise over clothes.

Classicism and Prada‘s Classicism: there are elements of a universal history and specific components immediately recognizable as the Maison’s signature. Construction, embroidery, motifs, color combinations, fundamental principles, codes. Elements that emphasize an overall pre-eminence of style over fashion, a timeless pre-eminence. These are the inspiring principles of the Prada Spring / Summer 2020 women’s collection; a collection that tells the power that women exercise over clothes and the triumph of style over fashion.

The emphasis is on how to wear a dress, on the personality of the woman who wears it, thus paving the way for a new plurality. Each ensemble becomes a portrait of each woman. Whoever wears a dress transforms its meaning and our interpretation. The impression is of a genuine ease based on impulsiveness, improvisation and spontaneity. An implicit disregard that manifests itself when the clothes are worn. References to past decades are accidental, citations of stylistic ‘clichés’ rather than fashions, silhouettes and shapes that define specific eras, such as the’ 20s, ’70s and’ 90s, talking about a wider culture. In the collection these sartorial expressions are mixed together in a constant flow, to avoid the retrospective effect. Eschewing any easy classification, they become all and nothing at the same time, contradict, resize and reinterpret.

Women reactivate these aesthetic quotes by wearing them, paving the way for their revaluation.