PistolettoA journey through Art

Retracing the artist career through a
selection of recent and new pieces

Until October 21st 2017 Galleria Christian Stein present a show of the work of Michelangelo Pistoletto, held simultaneously in both its locations. The retrospective includes a group of new pieces and a selection of works that retrace some fundamental stages of the career of one of the most important Italian artists working today.
An initial group of works exhibited in Pero consists of some of the artist’s Quadri specchianti (Mirror Paintings), which brought international attention to the artist in the early 1960s and became the basis for his subsequent artistic research and parallel theoretical reflections. The show also includes a new series of mirror paintings entitled Scaffali (Shelves), exhibited for the first time at this location, in the gallery’s historic venue on Corso Monforte.

A second group of famous works, consists of several Oggetti in meno (Minus Objects), which Pistoletto created and exhibited in his studio in 1965-66. Based on the contingent dimension of time that shattered the dogma of the uniformity of individual artistic style, these works are recognized as precursors to Arte Povera, the art movement identified and named by Germano Celant in 1967. A third group of works includes some of the most significant examples of Arte Povera, such as the celebrated Venere degli stracci (Venus of the Rags, 1967) and Orchestra di stracci (Orchestra of Rags, 1968).