PIONEERING SPIRITLoro Piana Storytelling

A celebration of nature’s purity distilled
into a sublime craftsmanship.


Harsh climate, rough landscapes, extreme nature: three ingredients that Loro Piana combines with constant dedication, passion and skill to create the most exquisite cashmere. The story of Loro Piana’s Baby Cashmere starts in Inner Mongolia, on the Alashan mountains: here, the Capra Hircus develops an incredibly fine under fleece which is transformed into an exclusive fibre. Loro Piana’s Baby Cashmere is a celebration of nature’s purity distilled into a sublime product which reflects the company’s values and pioneering spirit. It represents respect for nature in all its forms, a commitment to discover fibers that offer a unique tactile experience, and reverence for their origins.

An excellence typical of Loro Piana’s commitment to raw materials, Baby Cashmere is also featured throughout the Fall/Winter 2018 collections. The fibre is presented in a series of classic hues, ranging from blue to beige, white and gray, burgundy and mélange, also including patterns such as stripes and checks: these pieces reflect the material’s versatility, declined across different pieces in the womenswear and menswear collection.
In all its interpretations, the collection reflects the brand’s commitment to a constant pursuit of excellence and tactile purity, with an emotional product which tells the story of Loro Piana.