Pierre Cardin: Future FashionSpace Age and Futuristic Designs.

The Brooklyn Museum Announces First New York
Retrospective on the Innovative Fashion Designer.

  “My favorite clothes are the ones I invented for a life that doesn’t exist yet, for the world of tomorrow.”Pierre Cardin

The legendary career of the Italian-French couturier is remembered in a retrospective dedicated to seventy years of stylistic developments and trends, still clearly identifiable, thanks to a historical 1950s archive. The exhibition, curated by Matthew Yokobosky, covers the steps of history of costume and design between Futurism and Avant-garde. Through these creations we remember the iconic muses that once wore them like Brigitte Bardot, Lauren Bacall, Jacqueline Kennedy, Raquel Welch and Maryse Gaspard among others who wore her “lit clothes” for the first time.

Monsieur Cardin marked the evolution of a revolutionary thought from his time, proving to be not only a master of tailoring but a real businessman. He knew how to look beyond the limits of the Present, peaking into a Future that would come much sooner than expected. Starting from a more fluid vision — with the first concept of Unisex and garments that ignored  gender definitions such as the first suit without collar and the “cigarette” pants. He was the birther of the Pret-à-porter with the first collection at the Printemps department store in Paris; an eclectic creativity not only in fashion, refined and kitsch at the same time, but also in art, music and design with the ultimate goal of always creating something still non-existent.

Pierre Cardin: Future Fashion
The Brooklyn Museum, New York
Until January 5, 2020