Peter CampusJeu De Paume, Paris

One of the most influential
pioneers of video art


on left: Kiva, 1971, Peter Campus, photo Christopher Coughlan, courtesy Paula Cooper Gallery. © Peter Campus 2017
on right: Interface, 1972, Peter Campus, photo Nathan Rabin, courtesy Paula Cooper Gallery. © Peter Campus 2017


American artist Peter Campus is one of the most influential pioneers of video art. Throughout his career, he has produced videos, installations, and a large body of photographic work. In his recent video work, he makes use of digital techniques to experiment on the image, pixel by pixel, rather like a painter. Using an extremely high-definition digital camera. Following studies in experimental psychology and film, in 1971 he began to create videos and closed-circuit installations. Their conceptual and technical skill, combined with their psychological and cognitive dimension, resulted in a great deal of attention by art critics and specialists. The exhibition Video Ergo Sum—the Campus’s first solo exhibition in France— retraces the artist’s career, starting with his seminal early phase, when he explores issues of spatial awareness, and our perception of the body in the construction of identity, to his more recent video production, that explores the possibilities of high definition digital video and allow Campus to create a pictorial work that involves another form of perception and spatial memory. On view until May 28th 2017 at Jeu De Paume, Paris.