Patrick StaffNew Frontiers Art

Los Angeles, June 9th, 2017
Interview by Emily Colucci


Weed Killer (detail), 2017, video still.
The Foundation (detail), 2015, video still


Patrick Staff knows their theory. With passing references to academic stalwarts like Judith Butler, talking to the Los Angeles and London-based artist is like getting a required reading list for their complex, richly layered films. It’s no mistake, then, that their newest video Weed Killer, recently exhibited at Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles, is partially based on Catherine Lord’s book The Summer of Her Baldness. Documenting her experiences with breast cancer and chemotherapy, Lord’s experimental memoir becomes a starting point for Staff to fluidly weave multiple narratives about the experiences of medical technology, gender and illness. Weed Killer merges documentary-style excerpts of Lord’s text, recited by actress Debra Soshoux with scenes of Staff filmed through thermal imagery and a melodramatic lip-synched torch song by Jamie Crewe.


To read the full interview download MUSE 47 available from September 7th, 2017