Past, Present & FutureLOEWE

A self-published, phonebook-size visual history
of past, present and future


LOEWE launches a self-published, phonebook-size visual history spanning its past, present and future, edited by Luis Venegas who was directly commissioned and given creative freedom for the project by LOEWE’s Creative Director Jonathan Anderson. “I wanted Luis to go through our archives and decide what is relevant, with that very sharp, uncommon eye that he has. He has unearthed some incredible things that show how the language of what we’re doing at the house now has always been there. I could not be happier.”  Anderson sees the new LOEWE book as a useful reference tool. “It’s not a book to be precious with, its a hefty block of paper that’s meant to be used and engaged with, documenting the entire universe of the brand until now, indicating where it stands today and where it might go next.” Instead of providing a fixed trajectory, through hundreds of images covering 170 years —arranged in no particular order and with little text— the book aims to trigger many possible associations between LOEWE’s current momentum and selected prior moments from its history. “Today people are excited about LOEWE because it looks fresh and you can feel an intellect behind it, an energy that pushes to try new things. Researching this book, I discovered that that’s what LOEWE has always been about. People don’t know that for most of its history and in its own Spanish way, the house has been incredibly modern, avant-garde even.” — Luis Venegas. Sold at 25 LOEWE stores around the globe as well as a selection of 10 independent book and concept stores in key cities.